Custom Home Additions

Is your Calgary or Vancouver home perfect but in need of additional space, or would you like to construct the sunroom you have always dreamed of? Birch Hill Developments can help you get the additional space you have always dreamed of. Birch Hill Developments’ transparent home addition process guarantees a custom home addition that is sure to add to your home’s appearance and overall value.

We construct a magnificent additional room onto your home, no matter what you home addition needs are our professional luxury home addition team optimizes quality. Our home addition services include additional bedroom, sunroom addition, second storey home additions, bonus room additions and any other home additions our design and construction team will assist you through the entire process to ensure your home addition is perfect in every detail.

A Home Addition can provide a substantial added benefit to any property, a custom home addition can increase living space, square footage, make room for additional home features and much more all of which increase the value of a home. For more information on home additions or to book a free home addition estimate contact Birch Hill Developments.

Mudroom Home Addition

A mudroom creates extra space throughout the home by adding additional storage space and an area designated to outerwear. A mudroom home addition with Birch Hill Developments is built with purpose and with quality. Adding space to your entryway, back door, front closets. A mudroom provides a home with an easy-to-clean transition space between the outdoor and indoor areas.

Second Story Home Addition

Renovating your home and adding a second storey home addition adds further benefit and value to your home but is also tedious. Often a home’s second story has less space than the base level, a second storey home addition allows a home to utilize all the additional space on the home’s upper level. Second storey renovations or home additions can be challenging, especially if the construction is not done by a professional, trust Birch Hill Developments luxury home addition team to assist you in utilizing all of your property space and value. We assist our clients from the very beginning to the final touches, acquiring all of the building permits, designing the blueprints, hiring the trades and construction so you can continue enjoying your life and not have to worry about the home addition.

Bedroom Home Additions

Has your family grown, or children to old to share a bedroom? Often you already live in your dream home but you suddenly require additional living space and bedrooms to accommodate your growing family. Birch Hill Developments provides bedroom and second storey home additions to cater to the needs of you and your family. We can help you find the best area of the home to incorporate the additional living space, design the room and construct it to match your specific needs.

Sunroom Additions

Sunrooms create a gorgeous indoor/outdoor living space. A sunroom provides a comfortable connection to the natural beauty of nature. Birch Hill Developments has experience constructing a variety of sunroom home additions that vary in size and features. Attaching or integrating your sunroom with the structure of your home allows a homeowner to enjoy the landscapes around them. Residential sunrooms are a wonderful addition to any home.

Home Additions Calgary

Birch Hill Developments provides professional custom home additions to Calgary and surrounding areas. Our team works with the homeowner to understand we construct the home addition to their needs and desires. Whether you are looking to add a second level addition, more living space or a luxurious sunroom trust the home addition experts at Birch Hill Developments for your Calgary home addition needs.

Home Additions Vancouver

Vancouver features a number of great residents win a number of fantastic communities. If you live in your perfect Vancouver home but require more additional living space for you and your family contact Birch Hill Developments for your Vancouver home addition needs. We understand the needs of Vancouver homes and take care of the entire home addition process from designs and permits to the construction. Vancouver real estate is a large investment, ensure the sustainability and longevity of your Vancouver home with a custom home addition from Birch Hill Developments.

With Birch Hill Developments You Always Get Quality!


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