Luxury Renovations For Your Home

For over a decade, Birch Hill Developments have been providing the BC and Alberta communities with expertly crafted luxury home renovations. Our services include, but are not limited to, luxury kitchen renovations, basement development, bathroom renovations, home additions, and much more. Contact our renovations team today to learn more or to get started.


Known to many as the “heart of the home”, the kitchen is where a majority of time is spent with loved ones. The kitchen is also the piece of a luxury home that, if not done properly, can take away from the beauty of the rest of the home. Birch Hill Developments’ team of luxury kitchen renovation professionals have the skills and expertise to create the modern, contemporary, or classically designed kitchen that you desire.

A custom pantry, aligned with beautifully crafted kitchen cabinets and a perfectly matched countertop are just an example of what could be. Our interior design team will help you match the colour, texture, and feel of your kitchen with the necessary appliances to complete the look of luxury in your kitchen space.

Home Additions

A home addition can not only bring more value to your life’s largest investment, but also provide the occupants with a better layout to make better use of the new space. A well designed home addition can cut minutes off your daily routine by making the new space more effective for you and your family. Whether the design is a second/third story, over the garage, front/back/side home addition, Birch Hill Developments’ home addition experts are there to provide you with the new space of your dreams.

Consult with our home additions experts today to learn more about the benefits of a home addition, and the significantly less cost a home addition has over relocation. Book a consultation with us today.

Basement Development

A new basement development by Birch Hill Renovations can only be limited by your imagination. Whether it is a new play area for the kids or a state of the art entertainment area for the adults.  More room with storage space and new bedrooms, or just to refresh the look of your home; Birch Hill Developments’ team of skilled tradespersons and project management professionals are here to help.

Adding a new design to the basement to match the usability of the upstairs can be a challenging task, and by utilizing the expertise of custom basement development professionals, one can achieve this particular task on time and on budget.

A home theatre, workout room, or anything in-between and more, contact Birch Hill Developments to get you and your basement development started off on the right foot today by booking a no-obligation consultation service.

Interior Design

Interior design services from Birch Hill Developments provide a new angle for any room in your home. Bring in our team of expert designers to transform the look of a current room, or to design a new space from the very beginning. Staying on top of the most recent design trends, as well as studying and applying the timeless design styles of the past; interior design services by Birch Hill Developments will ensure that your new space will have the touch of class and luxury you have always dreamed of.

Book a consultation with one of our interior designers today to better understand your living-space and what the available options are to transform your home with a new look. Contact Birch Hill today for a free estimate.

Restoration Services

Restoring the original beauty of a historic home or a property damaged by wind, fire, or flood is a task best left for highly skilled professionals. A historic home restoration can bring the beauty of the past back to life with the restoration services provided by Birch Hill Developments. Wood matching services, matched with expert craftsmen, and skilled interior designers who have studied classic and modern design styles will give your home a new life.

We understand your restoration needs. Contact Birch Hill Developments to learn more about our home restoration services today.

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