Passive Home Building

Passive Home Building is a voluntary construction process that improves the energy efficiency of a residence. At Birch Hill Developments we are proud of our commitment to passive home building and passive home building initiatives. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our luxury custom home construction process while improving the environmental sustainability of each project.

Passive Home Building allows our crews to not only improve the overall structure of the luxury homes and custom renovations but also establish innovative methods that adhere to our organizational structure. The low energy passive homes built by Birch Hill Developments combine industry leading methods with innovative technology to create a truly unique living space. The residential passive homes we build are designed to use minimal  energy for heating and cooling lowering the home’s ecological footprint.

For more information, or to schedule a Passive Home consultation in Vancouver or Calgary contact Birch Hill Developments.

Passive Home Standards

Passive home building and passive construction are, more than just a terms used for green building initiatives. There are certain standards that a building must adhere to, to be considered a passive home or passive building. At Birch Hill Developments, our luxury home and renovation crews are trained in the proper methods and procedures to ensure that the specifications are met to qualify your home as a passive home. The specifications are that the home must be designed to have an annual heating and cooling demand of no more than 15 kWh/m2 per year in heating or cooling energy. There are limits to primary energy consumption and that the home or residence must not leak more than 0.6 times the house volume. At Birch Hill we understand the tedious process associated with Passive Home building, and we gladly practice this rigorous construction method for our clients.

Passive Home Traits

There are many traits that qualify a home as a passive home, the level of green building practices needed to construct a proper passive house. At Birch Hill, we make sure that the passive homes we build have fresh, clean air with the highest quality green filters used, with the premier interior finishes creating the best indoor air quality available. We make sure that each passive home we build has the highest resistance to heat flow available, making sure there are no walls cooler than other walls, this creates a homogenous and consistent interior temperature while still allowing for different temperatures in each room of the home.

Passive Homes Vancouver

At Birch Hill Developments, we are happy to be able to extend our Passive Home Building services to Vancouver and surrounding areas. If you are looking to build a luxury home or do a remodel/renovation project on your existing home and are looking for an industry leading green builder then contact Birch Hill Developments for a free Passive Home estimates, and to find ways to improve the efficiency of your home.


Passive Homes Calgary

If you are looking to improve the efficiency and sustainability of your Calgary home, contact Birch Hill Developments for a free green building and passive home construction estimate. We are proud to offer the Calgary community our innovative passive home methods, to build custom luxury homes and high-end renovations that are also long lasting and sustainable. If you are curious about our passive home building processes or inquisitive about the benefits of passive home building we will be glad to provide any information on how you could improve the environment through your home construction project.


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