Green Construction & Sustainable Building

As professional contractors, we are always looking to do our part to create a more sustainable future for not only the homes we build but the communities we are involved in. Birch Hill Developments is proud to be an active contractor and supporter of green building and green building initiatives. Our environmentally sustainable and resource efficient construction methods are designed to withstand the entire duration of the home. We apply green building methods  into our design, architecture, construction, management, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to do our part to not only build great homes but also homes that are sustainable to the environment.

In order to achive our green building goals our construction processes for renovations and custom homes requires close cooperation through all levels of the organization and project management through coordination of the design team, the architects, the engineers, and the client we are able to surpass the industry norm for green building.

  Some examples of Green Building are Grey Water Recycling,   spray foam to rim joists, low expansion foam around all windows and doors, Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation system, Solar Power, Water Turbine Power, Built Green Standards, and Lead certification.  Governing and monitoring these advances through smart building interfaces such as a tablet or wall displays is a key integration we offer. We at Birch Hill have a passion for building green and creating a sustainable future.

The benefits of green building exceed to more then just helping the enviroment, it also lowers the cost of home resources such as water, electricity, energy & more, it is proven to improve the overall health of people residing in the home and reduces a households waste. For more information or to recieve a quote for cutom home and renovation green building contact Birch Hill Developments today!

Passive Homes

A Passive House or Passive Home Building is a rigorous construction process to ensure a home is built and operates at the highest standard of energy efficiency and environmental consciousness. At Birch Hill Developments, we pride ourselves on our dedication to Passive Home Building practices and construct luxury homes and renovations to reduce a home’s ecological footprint. Our low energy building methods and passive home construction are a facet of our organizational values and practices that we pride ourselves on.


Energy Efficient Homes

Through our green buildings methods, we make sure to take measures in reducing a home’s energy consumption – through proactive project management we reduce a residence energy consumptions by installing premium building materials, using efficient heating, power, and home systems, reducing air leaks and using energy efficient windows. Our green building practices can greatly reduce a home’s energy bills and overall usage.


Material Efficiency

When building a Luxury Home or Custom Renovations with Birch Hill Developments you can always be assured that we are using premium green building products. Not only are the materials we use of the highest quality, they are also environmentally sustainable. Using quality lumber from controlled forestry, renewable and recyclable materials and non-toxic products, we are able to ensure your construction project is optimal efficiency and sustainability.

Home Quality

When building green homes we ensure that they are built to the highest quality, and by doing this we are able to greatly improve the indoor air quality of the residence. This improves the health and wellbeing of the homeowners through applying indoor air quality (IAQ), thermal quality, and lighting quality. Our indoor environmental enhancements are not only great for the planet but for your health as well.


With Birch Hill Developments You Always Get Quality!


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