Custom Kitchens

A Custom Kitchen is one of the most luxurious features a home can have! The elegance of custom counter tops, the sleek design of custom cabinets and the beauty of professional floor plans combine to make a truly unparalleled home improvement. At Birch Hill Developments, we pride ourselves on our continuous dedication to design, instal and renovate industry leading custom kitchens in Calgary and Vancouver.

We understand that a custom kitchen is more than aesthetic appeal, its combining flawless design, immaculate functionality and long lasting durability. Our team of custom kitchen designers, architects, installers and professional trades will ensure that your custom kitchen is perfect in every detail. A custom kitchen is a large investment and is one of the most strenuous home improvements that is why it is important to work with a custom kitchen contractor that understands your unique needs and constructs a dream kitchen that matches you, your home and your family.

Before conducting any custom kitchen renovations or custom kitchen designs we make sure we find the right style to match your unique tastes and personal lifestyle, our custom kitchen designers will work with you to help create the kitchen of your dreams. At Birch Hill Developments you are working with a team of professional designers and dedicated craftsmen who are committed to building the kitchen you and your home deserve, using timeless methods with modern technology a custom kitchen by Birch Hill Developments is sure to exceed your expectations.

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Custom Kitchen Ideas

The first step in any custom kitchen project is establishing a variety of custom kitchen ideas. A custom kitchen is only limited by your imagination, we make sure we understand your tastes and preferences and combine that with your lifestyle. At Birch Hill Developments our custom kitchen designers will go through numerous styles, floorplans, cabinets and countertops to establish exactly what your dream kitchen entails. View our gallery or contact one of our custom kitchen experts, we can’t wait to help you find exciting designs and unique ideas for your custom kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Design

Custom kitchen design is all about the details, if you are looking for a truly luxurious custom kitchen it is important that the design is inspirational and functional. By establishing the custom kitchen floorplan we can start the construction of your dream kitchen, whether you prefer modern kitchens, traditional kitchens or a hybrid of the two our professional custom kitchen designers will work with you to find the perfect cabinets, ideal countertops and best appliances for your future kitchen. Our custom kitchen designers make your dream a reality through their designs.

Custom Kitchen Renovations

A custom kitchen remodel or custom kitchen renovation revamps your existing kitchen and transforms it into the kitchen of your dreams. At Birch Hill Developments we recognize the importance the kitchen has to a home, because of this, it is equally important to look good as it is to have functionality. A custom kitchen renovation can vary in scope of work and cost, we can work off your existing floor plan or overhaul the kitchen entirely. Using only the premium materials and experienced designers we are able to create your dream kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Having custom kitchen cabinets designed and manufactured specifically for your home instills piece of mind for a homeowner, knowing that they have a truly custom kitchen that is unique in every detail. At Birch Hill Developments our custom kitchen designers will design your perfect cabinets, and then using the industries leading cabinet manufacturers we apply the design and supply and install custom cabinets like no other. If you are looking to add a truly luxurious addition to your custom kitchen there is no parallel to the look, feel and functionality of custom kitchen cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Installation

Once a custom kitchen design is finalized, the layout determined, the countertops chosen, and the custom cabinets are crafted than all the pieces that make up a custom kitchen come together. A custom kitchen is a process, with one of the final stages being the installation of all the necessary pieces. Custom kitchen installation is often the most exciting part of a kitchen renovation for the homeowner and the contractor as the dream kitchen comes to together before your eyes. At Birch Hill Developments we make sure the custom kitchen installation is flawless, using our expertise in project management to execute with minimal hurdles.

Custom Luxury Kitchens

There are a number of differences between a custom kitchen and a custom luxury kitchen. A custom kitchen uses custom designs and custom materials, but a luxury kitchen uses the premium materials, cabinets and counter tops. At Birch Hill Developments we make sure we understand your custom kitchen budget, we determine which luxurious features best match your kitchen needs, functionality and design preferences. When we conduct a custom luxury kitchen project we use the premium materials and top high-end designers to ensure your custom kitchen has all the luxuries you could imagine.

Custom Kitchens Vancouver

Birch Hill Developments proudly offers professional custom kitchen services to Vancouver and surrounding townships. If you are looking for custom kitchen ideas, custom kitchen designs or custom kitchen renovations for your Vancouver home contact us, our knowledge and expertise in designing and installing custom kitchens allow us to not only imagine but execute a flawless custom kitchen renovation. No matter your style or preferences we can accommodate your specific tastes, from modern custom kitchens to traditional and everything in-between allow us to assist you with your  Vancouver custom kitchen.

Custom Kitchens Calgary

If you are looking for a custom kitchen or are in need of custom kitchen inspiration for your Calgary kitchen allow us to assist you. We have been working in Calgary and area for years, providing luxurious custom kitchens for our clients. There are so many elements involved in constructing a truly custom kitchen, from the custom cabinets, to the countertops to the floor plan and even the selection of appliances. We make sure to make your Calgary custom kitchen project as stress-free as possible through our expertise in project management. If you live in Calgary or one of the surrounding communities and would like a custom kitchen estimate or design contact Birch Hill Developments.


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