The Building Process

The custom home building process can be long and tedious for both the homeowner and the contractor. At Birch Hill Developments we work with the homeowner from start to finish, ensuring that all of their needs are met and that they are always informed of each stage of the building process.

We understand the large investment each home owner dedicates to their estate, that is why illustrate our entire construction process. From the initial home architecture all the way to the interior design our team is committed to constructing your dream home.

Find the Perfect Lot

Finding the right lot or infill to construct your dream home can often be the most challenging stage. It is often difficult for a homeowner to envision their future residence on the lot, between the considerations of neighbourhood, view and size it can often be overwhelming. If you require help with the search and acquisition of a property we are glad to help. We assist our customer in finding the ideal neighbourhood, acquiring the proper permits and more. Our goal is to help our customers any way we can.


Architecture & Design

The architecture stage is tedious, as the both the homeowner and contractor want to make sure they draft out each detail. Birch Hill Developments has a skilled and experienced team of architects with a wide variety of styles and concepts from traditional to contemporary your home will be designed by creative professionals. If you already have your plans designed we will gladly build and recommend any ways to improve the construction of your home.


Set Project Budget & Plan

The project design and planning stage is one of the most important stages of a custom home build. It is important to set realistic budget, and draft a schedule and plan that works within this budget. Through working with our project managers and architects helps to alleviate the stress, and understand the achievable goals of this large undertaking.

For custom home building inquiries or to talk with one of our project managers contact Birch Hill Developments today!


Framing & Construction

Before any construction begins it is vital to set the structure. The proper framing will ensure the custom home build is completed with as little hiccups as possible. At Birch Hill Developments Inc. we employ only the most skilled craftsmen and framers for our luxury home projects. This phase in the custom home building process can often be the most tedious and time consuming as it is vital to ensure each piece is fitted properly and to the initial design. Our project managers work on a day-to-day basis with the client to provide accurate information on the project, allowing for questions and up-to-date feedback.


Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC

At Birch Hill Developments we make sure to employ the industry leading sub-trades. Our team of HVAC contractors, plumbers & electricians are trained and knowledgeable on the best materials and installation methods for your luxury homes specific needs.


Final Touches

After your dream home has been constructed we make sure it is perfect in every detail. In this phase we install the final touches, including painting, insulation, exterior finishes and more. During this phase we also customize many of the homes additional features to the desire of the homeowner. Our keen eye and industry knowledge leave no stone unturned in our inspections, making sure your home is built to last.


Interior Design

Interior design services from Birch Hill Developments provide a new angle for any room in your home. Our interior designers are trained in the Chinese decorating art of feng shui. Our team of professional designers can transform any room into a masterpiece. Our interior designers are on top of the most recent design trends, as well as studying and applying the timeless design styles of the past; interior design services by Birch Hill Developments will ensure that your new space will have the touch of class and luxury you have always dreamed of.


With Birch Hill Developments You Always Get Quality!


Vancouver: (604) 210 – 1040

Calgary: (403) 460 – 0160


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