Canmore Home Builder

Nothing beats the beauty and structural integrity of a properly constructed custom home. Birch Hill Developments provides luxury custom home building services in Canmore. If you want to update your home, proceed with a custom infill or turn your vacation home into the mountain villa of your dreams contact Birch Hill Developments for your Canmore custom home building needs.

We have experience with a multitude of designs and styles to craft the perfect home and turn your Canmore property into a work of art. Custom Homes by Birch Hill Developments are designed with vision, planned with purpose, constructed with quality and then completed with care. For more information or to book a custom home consultation contact Birch Hill Developments today!

Canmore Custom Homes

Canmore is a gorgeous mountain community that features many exquisite homes. Building the Canmore home of your dreams starts with a proper planning process. Birch Hill Developments is experienced working on large home building projects, offering advice when you need it, and a full team to craft every aspect of your custom home to your desires. From the initial drafting to the final walk-through, Birch Hill Developments is there to provide comfort and years of custom home building experience to ensure you get the luxury home you want.


Canmore Custom Infills

If you have recently purchased or have owned a property in a perfect Canmore community but the home requires a renovation or rebuild contact the Custom Home building and custom infill team at Birch Hill Developments. We have worked on a number of infills and understand that the perfect community does not always come with the perfect home, we work with our clients through the initial infill design, construction, choice of fixtures and appliances and the interior design. Birch Hill Developments has your Canmore infill needs covered, and we can construct the perfect home for your perfect lot.


Canmore Design & Build

Birch Hill Developments’ versatile team ensures that your Canmore home is built with quality & care. Our Canmore architectural design team, paired together with our expert project managers and quality trade people provides a cohesive group that can construct any project.  Birch Hill Developments strives to deliver your custom home project to all specifications and on-time.

For your Canmore custom home, our design – build project management system allows clients to customize their Canmore home, leaving the only limiting factor to your luxury home build or renovation being your imagination!


With Birch Hill Developments You Always Get Quality!


Canmore: (403) 460 – 0160


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