Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms should provide not only a space for personal cleanliness, but a space that relaxes and rejuvenates your body and mind.   At Birch Hill Developments, we have the expertise to design and create a stunning bathroom space that allows you to operate in luxurious comfort throughout all your bathroom activities.   Our expert teams can help restore, update or redefine your bathroom to fit your ideal design features and functions. Contact Birch Hill Developments for to learn how we can develop the bathroom space and bathroom cabinets of your dreams!

Bathroom Renovation Remodel

Bathroom remodels are perfect for revitalizing your existing bathroom space. Additional space and or redesigning the room can completely alter the space in a refreshing fashion. Our professional designers and build teams will work with you, in order to ensure that your desires and needs are ultimately represented in this newly refinished luxury space.   Birch Hill Developments can redefine your existing bathroom into a space that is perfect for your hygiene, as well as your rest and relaxation!

Ensuite Bathroom Renovation

En suite bathrooms can often be the most important bathrooms in the eyes of a homeowner. As this bathroom is attached to a bedroom, the room aesthetics, functionality and general atmosphere will need to appeal largely to the bedroom occupants. At Birch Hill Developments we can provide a luxurious en suite bathroom that perfectly suites the ambiance of the attached room and the personality those who use the room daily.

Bathroom Renovation Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets have to ability to truly highlight your bathroom design features and functions.  Bathroom cabinets provide increased space for storage and easily accessible bathroom utensils.  Apart from the functionally benefits, bathroom cabinets truly bring together any bathroom interior design or atmosphere.   Contact Birch Hill Developments to learn more on how your bathroom cabinets are crucial points of your next bathroom renovation!  

Custom Bathroom Renovation Cabinets

Custom bathroom cabinets ensure that you will be able to attain all the aesthetic and functional benefits that cabinets can offer, in your next bathroom renovation.  Having luxurious cabinets made especially for your next bathroom project will allow your space and storage needs, as well as your design preferences to be completely met and often exceeded.  At Birch Hill renovations we work with top of the line custom cabinets makers, to ensure that your cabinets are beautifully crafted to meet your precise desires.     

Bathroom Renovations Calgary

Calgary is beautiful city, with gorgeous homes.  If your bathroom is not a current highlight of your home, we at Birch Hill Developments would love to design and create a bathroom space that exceeds your expectation in both aesthetics and function.  Calgary’s often-sporadic weather and fast paced work culture are just two of the countless reasons to update or redesign your existing bathroom, to get the most in relaxation and stress relief.   Contact Birch Hill Developments today to book a bathroom interior and custom cabinet renovation consultation!

Bathroom Renovations Vancouver

Birch Hill Developments has been providing expert renovation, room addition and remodel, and custom new home build service to clients across Vancouver for more than the past decade.  Our bathroom design and build teams have the skills to understand your exact needs out of a bathroom, and provide you with a space that perfectly fits your lifestyle and personality.  Call or email Birch Hill Developments for your next custom luxury bathroom and custom cabinet renovation.


With Birch Hill Developments You Always Get Quality!


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